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with adventure, grace and ease

in a reflection

through your colors.

Perspective shifts are game changers,

especially when color and plants are present

to nurture you. 



A walk through the first rendition of this sensory well-being practice                     

Aura Soma-95.jpg

Choose 4 equilibriums you are drawn to

that will facilitate the session.

Apply Oil to Body vitality & wellbeing.j

Take home your vibrational plant infusions to apply to

your body each morning to nurture, align, and 

inspire your sacred self in rhythm with Mother Nature. 


Featured in

Travis Heights Magazine

 Featured in Tribeza Magazine, 

For online version, click here. 




"Color healing for the win! I had no idea what to expect and this was one of the most special healing experiences I have ever had. I highly recommend booking with Christina if you want a lay of the land when it comes to processing your life or creating change"


"It was like being transported in to a world of kaleidoscope intuition- each bottle sharing a different message and essence. Christina walked me through the healing aspects with explanation and ease- it was so powerful to receive this guidance and I was astonished at how on point the message was. Not only that, but each bottle is paired with an incredible affirmation to guide me on my way"

Diana Lane

"This therapy really resonated with me with who I am as a human being and my path. I got great insights about how to move forward and things I can do and places I can focus on to enhance my natural expression and natural evolution"

Letsie Khabele 


“We really enjoyed our color session with Christina. As a dad, it was fun for me to learn new things about my daughter and what makes her tick. I definitely feel closer to Ella now than ever before!” 

"I never doubted a color therapy session with the brilliant Christina Dietz would be so restorative and beneficial and all that good therapy stuff. But hot damn! I never thought it'd be so incredibly affirmative. I haven't felt this clear headed in possibly years? It's easy for stress to fog up your mental windshield and trick yourself into limiting the world to those tiny interior compartments"

Brendan Bures 

Color is universal.  Color is pure. Color speaks all languages.

Color is truth.       Color activates the right brain.    

Color is an intuitive tool.  Color connects us to our truth. 

We feel safe with Color. 

Color opens us up to our purity,

our childlike wisdom.

"Every sight we find joyful, from a sunrise to a baby's face, we owe to light reflected from the environment into our eyes. Light is color's power supply. But more than that, it's a pure form of energy that creates joy in its own right."

Ingrid Fetell Lee

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