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The Spirituality Behind Moving Your Body & Sweating

Sometimes, I wonder, if I am the only one that feels like they just got out of a heart moving religious or spiritual ceremony or felt the Light of the Holy Spirit while they were very simply exercising. I’m not really talking about the high euphoria or bliss you may feel from a Soul Cycle spin class. The sensation I’m describing extends beyond endorphins & takes you to a place of Oneness—vibrating light and love swirling in your heart: Oneness with your human tribe, with nature, with animals. You’re just together and there is nothing separate. It’s a brief beautiful inspiring moment.

Some musicians say they get they’re best ideas for lyrics when their exercising or some people say they receive the exact solution they needed when they’re walking or jogging. For me, I realize some of my most profound spiritual epiphanies in a short potent moment while I’m climbing stairs on the Stairmaster or cycling on the stationery bike at the good ol’ YMCA. These divine creative realizations seem to land on me like a butterfly--with so much purity and light—and just like that this magical illumination changes me forever. Intuitively, I feel this spiritual moment purifies my body at a deep cellular level and works on clearing any leftover lower vibration thought-patterns from my mind.

Moving your body in nature absolutely intensifies the heart filling and humbling experience, but I want to isolate and highlight the simple power of moving thy body separate from the compounding effects of nature.

I believe that movement can have a spiritual effect because of one of the most cleansing, vibration-raising, molecule-changing physiological effects of exercise: sweating. From a color therapy standpoint, sweating is the color clear, which is synonymous with the color white. White or clear is the most powerful, detoxing, illuminating color on the whole color spectrum. Actually, clear contains all the colors of the rainbow and is great for healing because of its balancing nature. Ever wonder why physicians or acupuncturists wear white coats or super holy moly individuals wear white too?

Sweating is literally removing toxins from your body. In many places on the earth, the air, food, water, and products we buy are contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, radiation, electromagnetic energy from technology, and poison. Coincidentally, I have a super rare gene that makes it very challenging for me to detox from impurities without awareness and constant action. I am so thankful for this blessing of rebuilding my entire life into a detox lifestyle—as they say in Costa Rica “the Pura Vida” life baby. The more we purify the body, some call it the temple we get to live in, the more space for light and love to flow throughout our body of mostly water—our energy current. So, yeah, I believe you can raise your vibe and your consciousness with movement. And it is important to discover the movement that your body is in harmony with or feels One with.

The reason why I think a sense of spiritual Oneness can be reached during exercise, at least in my body, is because movement removes any eddies of stagnation in the body. Think about it. Our bodies contain our blood and consist of mostly water that require circulation just like a fresh stream requires circulation or movement to look like clear fresh healthy water. When movement ceases or a pocket of water loses flow, flowing rivers muddy up and look “sick”, brown, and become a dirty darker eddy on the side of the river.

Now, think about this concept in your body. When movement or life force energy is able to reach all the pockets in your body, one clear channel or body of water is flowing in you. You are one current in harmony. Perhaps this microcosm effect connects you into the matrix of the macrocosm of Oneness. When this state of flow is reached, maybe this is when I have that spiritual Oneness awakening feeling. In Eastern medicine, the flow state of energy in the body determines health. In acupuncture, if the liver is “stagnant,” then too many toxins have accumulated and the body is asking for help in flushing the “gunk” out. When we move our bodies, we encourage movement and a release of stagnant waters or toxins to be cleansed out of the blood stream. We are restoring our bodies to the natural clear spring that they truly are--when in balance.

After all, let's not forget good old Sir Isaac Newton's theory of a body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion continues in motion. Or a funny little saying I heard from an elderly super fit glowing lady in a sunrise stretch class in Arizona, "Motion is your lotion" aka motion or movement lubricates the body and keeps it from getting stiff and tired.

So next time you’re exercising or moving your body as humans are naturally meant to do often, know that your moving old energy out and making space for fresh beautiful energy to enter. Via exercise, you are initializing movement in your body that clears out low vibration, thought patterns, or old cellular trauma. The power of the mind, intention, and thoughts you carry can help move along your clearing and glowing transformation day by day.

Milford Sound Trek, New Zealand

The Waterfall that made me quit my job and travel to New Zealand solo just so I could be with it for the first time. Talk about Oneness. The moment I reached words.

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