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Getting a Physical Injury or Sick is Always a Blessing in Disguise

Ranthambore Jungle, India

On Source

Wellspring of energy

Rises in the body's core

Tap it and be sustained.

Channel it, and it will speak.

--Tao Meditation

"The Source of all power is within yourself. Although external circumstances may occasionally hamper you, true movement comes solely from within yourself. The source is latent in everyone, but anyone can learn to tap it. When this happens, the power rises like aa shimmering well through the center of your body. Physically, it will sustain and nourish you. It can give you gifts ranging from unusual knowledge to simple tranquility. It all depends on how you choose to direct your energies. Finding the source of spiritual power is a great joy; deciding how to direct it is the greatest of responsibilities."

-- Deng Ming-Dao

Suddenly, I got excruciating pain in my lower back. Now, I have a high pain tolerance and this was for sure a 9 out of 10 going strong. Damn, it hurt, but I had a feeling in my gut that this was actually a really good thing and I just needed to be patient for the understanding part. I went to the Dr. and got x-rays. Yep, a crushed L5 vertebrae. But wait, my spinal x-ray shows a snake for a spine not a straight pencil and, woah, one of my hips is rotated majorly forward. The Dr. said because of your injury we are catching your mild to moderate scoliosis in time and your majorly out of alignment hip. So, we will be able to correct your structure after 24 visits. If I hadn’t of had this L5 vertebrae injury from running on uneven terrain, I would never have gotten the x-ray that shed light on some major structural issues. My whole life passion of movement outdoors in nature could have been majorly at stake. Damn, I’m lucky or maybe its not luck. Perhaps, I signaled to my body I was ready to heal this very last part, closing out my five year healing journey.

Almost always when we get injured or sick, we immediately assume this a “bad thing,” a disappointment, or setback. Then, we hear feedback from those around us that they are so sorry and this is terrible. Good intentioned social compassion or our own self-pity, this personal and social negative chatter around injury or sickness inhibits the healing process from shooting off like a magical whimsical star.

Getting injured or sick is actually a phenomenal thing—quite literally a miracle and a blessing in disguise. Your body is taking over in assisting you in evolving your consciousness—expanding your horizons of personal freedom. Say what?! Yes, I believe, the more you deepen your personal growth journey, the more personal freedom you can experience. Your body says, hey, I’m gonna stop you in your tracks because you have a juicy lesson to discover. The keyword being--if--you let yourself--let go—of frustration, self-doubt and embrace this healing opportunity for it’s treasured wisdom.

Once you let go, the healing isn’t just gonna do the whole thing for you. Yes, it is amazing that our immune system does take over and “paints the town” when we're “man down.” But the true miracle and power occurs when you play an active role in your healing process and "direct your [healing] energies." In fact, this is the opportunity to even use the healing process to your pure-hearted advantage; you can receive much clarity in your life direction, deepen your connection with your intuition & ask/listen to your body’s messages--tapping into your internal wisdom scrolls.

Part II: How to Welcome Your Injury or Sickness:

Here is my process in how to naturally welcome and thank your immobility.

And actually take advantage of it.

  1. Detach from your pain & recognize it as a physical sensation in the body. Know that pain is part of the game. Accept it. Allow it. Become one with it. Say positive affirmation as you're experiencing it. "I am strong, I am love, I am healed, I am a divine woman rising from the sea of consciousness." Do the work and be super nurturing to yourself in the process. While in pain, identify with things that make you feel good like flowers, friends, your dreams. Be in your spirit, while your body is flushing out inflammation or imbalance.

  2. Let go of blaming yourself or feeling sorry for yourself that this happened TO you. Actually, it happened FOR you. The pain is on your side and is actually a sign of healing like the idea of things get worse before they get better. You’re body is signaling it is ready for you to heal a physical part of your body that probably had been carrying subtle chronic inflammation or stagnant blocked emotional energy for quite some time and you have subconsciously gotten on board to restore energetic flow in your body-mind-spirit system.

  3. Trust yourself that you will do everything in your power to recover quickly and pull out all the tricks to get your body back in the groove. No self-sabotage here.

  4. Lots of times our ”inner-scaries” can prey upon us when were weak. You must know that this an opportunity for you to face your fears, worries, negative mental patterns and see them as one with you. Not good or bad. See it as compassion, knowing fear is part of the human condition. Courage is also part of the human condition and the more love you can give to yourself, the less space fear has to occupy. Once you befriend your wolf-within, your turmoil dissipates.

  5. Allow yourself to be open to receiving the insight behind what your situation is trying to tell you. Ask yourself, what is the lesson here? What is the message I need to know from _____occuring. Journal. Listen to music. Daydream. Ask God, the Universe, Mother Nature or whoever it is you put your trust into and you shall receive the message.

  6. When you’re weakened or can’t get out of bed, this is a great opportunity to practice yin behavior or simply being: receptive, listening to your intuition, still, quiet, calm, peaceful. You can do things to have a calm yin effect like taking a pacifying soothing bath, drinking warm tea, smoothies, or juice. You can eat easy to digest foods that are soft to give your body a break—a sweet compassionate rest to help accelerate and empower the recovery process.

  7. Often times, when we stop rushing around and are forced to be still due to an injury or illness, we have the space to reconnect with our true voice and have the window for creative ideas to flood through. You could think of a new instrument you’d like to play, inspiration for new work developments, an idea for a meet-up group or dinner party idea you want to create.

  8. Be super gentle, compassionate, nurturing, and extra kind to yourself through the entire process—all yin feminine qualities. The more you're on your side, the more One energy you create. Disease, pain, imbalance cannot exist when you're One.

My Healing Arsenal (Not pictured are all the amazing friends that came and visited me. I'd say that's medicine numero uno.)

Being still with a powerful graceful animal reconnects you into your internal Source.

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