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In the Light Ages

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way”

Do you think the U.S. is in a dark time? Do you think the outcome of the U.S. election is proof of that? Nah, not me.

I believe here in the States, we are actually now beginning to really light up. As a whole planet, we are having a breakthrough. I am so thankful our planet’s consciousness is moving into a sunrise. You think I'm being childishly optimistic, disillusioned? Redefine what Light, what goodness, means for you--what do positive steps forward look like for yourself and at the planet as a whole? For me, it begins in Truth. We are waking up to our planet’s truth and to our own internal truth. The U.S. is waking up. The U.S. is evolving. From mental intelligence to intuitive self-knowledge, from being in the head to being in the heart, sensing the world from thoughts to feelings, trusting others to first trusting ourselves, from seeing the body as separate to the body as whole body-mind-spirit. Check your perception. Are you witnessing this?

1. A Breakthrough; it gets worse before it gets better.

Remember, in order to wake up to the truth, pain is usually part the of of the game. In other words, things could feel much worse at first before they get better. This is really your gears shifting into healing mode. THIS IS A GREAT SIGN! Even though it may feel terrible. It is temporary. Don't dwell. I know this from my personal experience of five heavy years of pain facing an illness no doctors could diagnose. I believe this "worse, before better" concept mirrors in the same way for the world’s consciousness evolving. Things might appear "really bad", "super fucked up", "it's all going to shit"; however, this is the shift taking place. Practice compassion, patience, focusing on your blessings, and appreciating the small joyful moments that come your way. Be kind to yourself and others through the growing pain. You can choose to trust the process. You can choose to open yourself up to love.

2. Lit up in Truth;

The Positive Aspect of "Strange Times": Transformation

As a whole planet, our spark is getting brighter as we wake up to the darkness around us and within us. Darkness occupies space in ignorance, deceit, under the table hoopla, and suppressed pain etc. This is the time to to take loving responsibility for our thoughts and emotions.I believe as we wake up to our truth—painful as it is—energetic harmony has a real chance to restore flow in our bodies, clear out old limiting belief patterns in our head, and put us in touch with our caged emotions wanting so badly to be free. Waking up to our trauma and pain is the beginning step to reclaiming our truth, a beautiful chaotic freeing way of transforming and rebuilding life. This an opportunity to reimagine and see things more clearly than ever before--a new Way. You can empower yourself and help heal the global consciousness by observing and shifting the energy you are emitting into the world. It is time to step into a new responsibility from the head to the heart: to restore harmony, kindness, and gentle strength to our Earth and human culture. All this awakening, shattering & rebuilding can allow us to fully step into our unique creative power and energetic signature. I know it easy to focus on the bad, the pain, the "scaries" or "what I'm doing wrong" or "not good enough yet". There is also beauty, depth, and raw truth in destruction. Destruction blooms re-birth or reconstruction.

What re-word is important for you right now in your process? Reaffirming, refreshing, resetting, relating, realigning, reimagining, remembering etc.

Are You Emitting Positive Energy or Negative Energy?

We as creative human beings have the power to choose positive or negative energy in our everyday shuffle 'n' grind. When we wake up each morning to our "world", I believe our perception and outlook of ourselves can have a positive transformative energy on what we choose to emphasize and focus "out in the world" OR we can bring a negative judgmental energy to our human tribe table. You choose every single day. When we emit positive or negative energy, we add to our truth or subtract from it. We add good energy to global consciousness or subtract from it. We can get closer to harmonizing our internal world with our external world or father from this unity. It's cool to have self-awareness with how you're feeling energetically and then a really nice thing to take loving responsibility for it. It helps you out and it helps out your fellow mankind. This is also a good way to check in with yourself, on alignment with your Truth. Going from your truth being internal in you to actually living your true nature and expression in your everyday world outside of you. The idea here is to merge the inner and outer into One.

3. Subconscious Feelings Emerging

We are now breaking through the surface—subconscious made conscious. Global consciousness is shifting; we are ready to take responsibility for our feelings driving all of our ego thoughts/behavior. We are now becoming aware of low negative energy around us and within us. Know that this is an intense process and this is okay to have strong, deep pain or trauma rise within you or feel like you see/feel more of it around you in your daily life/world. Allow it to pass through, out of your body. Constantly let go of restriction in the body where you might be holding on in certain muscles. Stay aware of your hands opening and closing. Be aware of holding your breath. So much hard stuff could rush up fast. So, out of a natural protective coping mechanism, you might tighten up to not let what feels like an overwhelming amount of Truth into your awareness space.

Actually, for healthy release, we want to do the opposite. Trust yourself and your higher Source that it is safe for this unfamiliar low energy to pass through you. You are truly a body of love. All else is debris we picked up along the way of the human journey. This is not yours. This is part of the human condition and process. Anything that feels like resistance, pressure, guilt, anger, grief, resentment, recognize it. Objectively do your gentle best to just be with this discomfort and actually go full throttle/full-hearted and ask for more of the uncomfortable feeling. Actually, ask for as much as it can give you. You might feel a build up of--"wow, fuck terrible shit"-- and then it will just dissipate and move along right out of you. It is important not to identify with this energy, so you don’t integrate it in your sense of self. This is not you. Low energy is simply an energy in your story, your journey, your adventure, you can release at any moment. If you want to. Now. to crack the mud so your inner glow can emit your Light.

4. Confronted with Pain

Being in the early stages of Light consciousness, many of us are faced square in the eyes with all we were hiding from, with our darkest version, our inauthenticity glaring us down into shame, weakness, or beckoning questions to ourselves of who am I, why don’t I know who I am, why am I so judgmental, why do I feel so lost or off track, what’s wrong with me? No worries. You're all good mate! I'm here to remind ya these questions definitely come up at some point in the road--part of being honest with yourself and part of that human condition yo. These are all thought-provoked questions from your ego living in the mental realm. In this state, you are existing in your mental realm where true transformation cannot take place. Beware of over intellectualizing things. This does not make you smarter or further develop yourself faster.In fact, I caution you. Sometimes, thinking thinking thinking without getting off the train loop can stroke your ego with pride, a false sense of self-worth. Cool news. You can shift self-awareness practice from thinking with thoughts to how identifying with your feelings behind the thoughts.

Identify and work with your feelings. That's where the magic power is.You can be authentic with your pain by honoring it and releasing it; and at the same time, you can take super nurturing nourishing care of yourself to get through all the unsettling intense energy you’re experiencing pass through. As you begin to express your feelings, by simply allowing yourself to feel shitty—letting go of all ressistance—you can start clearing out heavy energy that could even be stored up from child yonder times. Be present with yourself. What can you give yourself or do or not do to support you in this process? What healthy things will give you comfort, ease, relaxation? .Depending on how healthy your self-worth is will determine how willing and "deserving" you are to take care of yourself and honor your pain and how quick you move through the process. The more love the better. Always. The secret is you're forever deserving to give yourself unconditional love and total full-on nurture. Be your own mama-bear. Know that it is a journey to go from processing pain with thinking to feelings--moving from head to gut. Don't try to speed yourself along. Respect your process and your growth. Be present with your pain and see each day as a lesson, as a wise gem gift from within. Then, you won't want to speed ahead. You'll accept the pain because you know you're gonna learn a juicy ripe personal growth lesson. It takes two to tango sometimes.

5. Nurture YourselfAs you’re going through the detox process of pain/trauma, you can begin practicing self-compassion, self-acceptance or loving kindness to yourself as a daily active meditation practice. Throughout your day, you can practice being loving and kind to yourself through each moment and to those around you. As self-criticism or judgment of others can come up, this is a great opportunity to practice recognizing 1) you’re being critical 2) having compassion for yourself that your human letting go 3) of this harsh self-inflicted nature 4) imagine your mind, your heart, and your body, reopening like a blooming flower 5) With all your courage, see the other as you on the same struggling human journey too and 6) send them love and total self-acceptance for just being here on this earth. This could sound super wack, flowery, lala land, what the eff, but try it for a week. Or just trust yourself to come up with your own creative process—even better! You can do activities that get you out of your head. The trick is to get out of your head and into your heart. When you find yourself back in your head, know this is okay. Have compassion for yourself. Let go of being hard on yourself. You did not do anything “wrong”. You are simply growing. And this is beautifully messy. Beautifully chaotic. You can choose to open yourself to love.

What nurturing activities get you out of your head and into your heart or just make you feel peaceful, relaxed, light, happy, childlike, or pure? For me, it is flower strolls, running, making art, cooking with loved ones and just good hearted wholesome conversation.

Another practical idea to practice loving kindness with yourself:

Write down your top 10 adjectives of the best most loving version of yourself: who you want to embody. Read this when you wake up. You will start to gently align, harmonize, and transform.

This is mine :)

IE: Kind, Unconditional love, authentic, pure, Present, curious, wondering, playful, healing beauty, simple, appreciative, intuitive, freedom of identity, celebration, moment, space giver, subtle energy, wisdom to love, detachment, harmonious, balance, flow, transformative, inspiring, compassionate, awakening, childlike, eager to love, creative expression from heart, open, nurturing.

6. Everyday Practice:Intentional Everyday Conversation

Rather than, focusing on typical societal fear chat, intentionally take loving responsibility to shift the energy of conversation. Whether its from conversation topic, arriving to the table with cool subjects/ideas to chat about or just shifting the energy after something heavy has been dwelled on past its contributing point.

Replace fear conversation/judgment by being very present with your surroundings--whether you’re by yourself or with another human. Notice what’s around you. Engage your senses. What is making you feel good? Yes, it is important to be real and connect authentically. Often times, though, when we start talking about a topic with heavier energy it sort of keeps us in cycle of talking about other things similar in nature energetically/vibe wise. Voice your opinion about a worldly event with clear focus and from a pure heart, let your friend or whoever voice theirs too and then perhaps its healthy to have the strength to shift the conversation to something lighter for rebalancing the energy and harmonious conversation flow.

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