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Sippin' on that Color Drank

Over cocktails. Been there done that.

Here is why I switched my party/celebratory go to from alcohol to color.

Currently I'm drunk all the time and it's off the jooice of Color. This is a fountain of youth. I'm also super super grounded because I'm drinking the color here on Earth. Everyday I am delighting myself in and treating myself to our wonderful world of color. Head in Heaven & feet on earth babay.

Man, whew wee, I used to drink aton. A lot a lot. College was the peak. I had a super high tolerance. Could pound shots back. I loved “partying.” Really though, I loved celebrating with friends & other human beings. I loved the party atmosphere because it was about having a good time. Enjoying life, each other and being Merry. The irony is once you start drinking regularly and much, it dulls your senses & the vibrancy of Life. You become more disconnected from yourself, out of your tune or harmony with Nature & it is actually harder to have real lasting connection and celebration once the sun rises again. I wised up & realized I could experience the joys of a party during the day as well as the night. Can't quite remember how long it's been since I switched to purely sipping color, maybe something like 2 years minus that 1 apple cider in New York. I think wine is a really beautiful experience and a way to connect with nature via the grapes soaking sun and the fermentation process. Slowly consciously sipping artful cocktails could be cool too. Really reveling in the shared experience with another human. Ultimately though, I am super inspired by light and purity and just haven’t naturally gravitated or felt inclined to put any alchy in my body for quite awhile now. I want my intuition to be as clear as possible so I can hear Spirit super tuned and my creative juices to flow as freely and inspired as possible.

Our life on earth can be a joyful celebration when we learn to open ourselves up to receive the glory glory right here within us & around us all the time. Pure magic constantly. I feel like a kid.

How do you open yourself up to receive? I'll make it short n simple.

Practice accepting yourself in totality & loving your dark as your Light or your bads as your goods. That's the secret. You'll eventually have grown so much love within you, a radiating vibrating garden, that you will feel worthy enough to receive the joy & merriment all around you in the ol' regular day to day. In fact, you'll constantly being getting splashed in the face with refreshment. This is why my preferred beverage is Color.

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