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Why I Now Love Using the Word "God"

Here is the religious prayer I said ever since I wasn't religious.

When I was 10 yrs old, I came across this bible verse in a frame. Something deep 'n' true in me told me to memorize this verse right there on the spot and not to leave until I did. Then something told me to say it every time I pee'ed. I guess cuz you pee multiple times a day & this prayer was God helping a sensitive kid feel protected on the reg. I'm 27 years old now. And the prayer is still going strong. When I was older & could understand the words better, I thought about what the verse meant. Recently, I'm having a deeper awareness of these words. And I've really been thinking about the language'ing around the word "God."

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension shall guard our hearts and our minds forever through Christ." Thanks be to God.

And for some funny reason, I always added thanks be to God at the end. Just found out this part wasn't part of the verse ha. "Let your requests be known to God." I'm not religious, but ,man, I sure do believe in a God. I remember my phase when I was timid to use the word God and felt I couldn't because this word would be associated with religion. I thought God meant religious ties & ties to Christianity that I did not feel super connected to. I floated around in those other words like Divine, Spirit, One, Higher Power, and Source. Oh, you know the gist. Ultimately, I felt most comfortable believing in Nature as the purest form of Truth. I really took on a naturalist approach and felt God in the trees, on hikes, in the forest, in the sun, the moon, the night air, the soil, the flowers, the plants, the creatures, and the wood. As I've gone through an exciting light-filled spiritual journey this year, I am beginning to use the word God. Knowing in my heart that I define what I believe in. I know what that means to me and it feels pure 'n' true. I let go of a social definition of the word god & opened myself up to what this word is for me. I love the word Spirit and being a free inspired birdie creative I think i naturally would gravitate to this free forming "word."

Literally today, the word "God" dawned on me in a whole new Light. For me, the word God embodies this more fatherly masculine energy of protection and safety and strength in love. God feels like a more grounded energizing earthly sort of word where as Spirit feels more in the air and flying and ether. Spirit also feels more feminine. Both are necessary and both probably embody the masculine and feminine. The word God though seems to have robust strength to it that helps you actualize and ground Divine Spirited ideas into the world and into tangible form. The language'ing of God, Christ, Christ consciousness & Holy Spirit have taken on such a delightful energy for me as universal, all loving, all knowing, all truth, everywhere, all nurturing, all giving, all kind, and all pure. So it is only fitting i end this with thanks be to God.

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