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Your Color Experience;

Time as Art, a New Paradigm 

Do you find yourself in your head more often than not, having trouble relaxing?

Good at doing and struggle just being? 

Are you a workaholic and struggle at times when to call it quits to just enjoy yourself and your life?

If you answered yes,



you're simply a human who values your evolution as one of your top priorities, then this well-being inner-adventure is

for you. 

Re-balance and Refresh Your

Multi-Dimensional Being

This is a 90 minute active meditation

centering process that you will enjoy with excitement and curiosity the whole way through.

This is a heart-centered approach that gets you out of your head and into your intuitive watery body. So you can get back in touch with who you are and bloom with excitement, grace, and inspiration into your next phase.


Sometimes we need a little TLC and higher perspective guidance to tune into the blessing that is happening for us. Get a fresh perspective on your life from your latest light frequency.


See, I believe we are all vibrating light bodies that has incredibly valuable information to support us along the human journey right now.

To make it easier, and even fun!

There is infinite wisdom within us.

Give yourself the medicine and inspiration to move forward in your life with joy, ease, and enthusiasm. 


Look through your very own prism of reflection to see for yourself.

Together we'll find out what you see. 

We will begin on our feet with a guided sensory meditation connecting with plants and flowers and eventually make our way upstairs after you choose your 4 main equilibrium color  frequencies. We will sit and dive deep into what's coming up from your heart's subconscious through the

reflections of your colors. 


Look, this is a feeling thing--an intuitive experience.

It's okay if you don't "get it." In fact, this will make your time even more fun and free.

The Space

In my world, space is everything. 


pale yellow~angelic wisdom via plants

Begin your session by nourishing and aligning

your energy;

You will select 2 color aromas to recharge your thoughts and emotions and to connect into your sacred self.

Then, you will apply the vibrational

plant-mineral-flower infusion to your wrist to inhale for your guided insight meditation. 


for more info

on this worldwide technique


Take yourself

on a magical enlivening adventure

right here in the city.

I welcome you to check out my magic animal

portal door series project

 from re-purposing old broken doors left on the street for trash. Highlighting endangered animals and the colors of consciousness. 

What is this integrative plant and mineral system from London all about? 

The L O G I C

Using the principle of resonance, this system gives you a pure way to sync up with your inner-voice through

Nature's language of color and the vibration of

plants, flowers, and minerals.


Subconscious  Therapy 

You experience self-awareness "out of your head" and in your heart--lighting up the other side of your brain. You engage your playful creative intuitive "natured" brain that digs deeper into your heart for the real stuff. 

You instinctively let go of

self-imposed blocks and gracefully get out of your way so you can be your way everyday in alignment with your truth.


Because color provides a safe space for

self-realization, discovery, and a personal break through.

Consciously connect deeper into your subconscious to

expand into your potential. 


Your Session

You receive on point messages from your own insight 

that help you connect dots in your life or allow you to reframe a particular part of your story or limiting belief in a new positive light. Rediscover and affirm the best parts about yourself and transform your weaknesses or vulnerabilities into your greatest strength. 


These sensory sessions offer light vibrational shifts to clear and lighten your load. De-clutter your internal space for your body and mind to naturally return to equilibrium and ease. 


Color is a refreshing and reinvigorating energetic tool that gives you a brighter aura of joyful well-being.

After choosing the bottles, we will have an exciting transformational conversation reflecting who see yourself as now, affirm what you have healed, why came into this life, and how you can quantum leap into your next evolution.  

My First Experience 

Chronically ill and un-diagnosed for three years at that point, I had just about tried every  "therapy" around the world to support myself in well-being and healing. No other therapy gave me joy, higher guidance and faith in myself as this vibrant friendly system from Nature. 

It was such a special experience choosing and seeing which four equilibrium hues my being desired. I clearly listened to my inner voice and it was so cool to get the color language feedback in what my inner voice wanted me to realize most. 

I was given an opportunity to receive my body and mind's wisdom effortlessly. I got to be in control of helping myself.

I felt empowered and inspired from my colors.

After all, you really do know yourself  best when

given the pure opportunity. 

In a sensitive and loving approach, color can shine a warm nurturing light on your "BS" 

& reconnect you straight into your Light.




The First Rendition of

Your "Alive in Color" Experience

So much respect and gratitude for the very beginning of this practice at the first location. I treasure it deeply to this day
and I am totally in love in my new vibrant sanctuary seen in the above photos.
My clients and friends tell me how much they love the spaces I create. For me, environment is holding energy and
a make or break when it comes to being in harmony with our soul. Our environment reflects an aspect of our
current self. So I created a colorful island, 
my tropical oasis sanctuary right here in the city.
  1. Wearing color

  2. Using Aura-Soma products in your everyday for your body, your mind, your spirit, and your environment. 

  3. Appreciating Nature (think heart healthy green!). 

  4. Flowers; flower meditating for self-love & reconnecting with Nature. Buying flowers for yourself & living space to increase self-acceptance self-compassion, and self-worth. 

  5. Drinking and eating all natural color from juice, fruits, & veggies. (The secret to enhancing pure vegetables is making a delicious simple sauce).

  6. Engaging in art or buying colorful art for the home

  7. Mindfully choosing color home decor (textiles, accents etc.) for wellbeing.

  8. Color Mindfulness: Appreciating any color you are drawn to in your daily life kaleidoscope. 


Nature in Color Products


Air Conditioner Sprays 

House-keeping or "Air-keeping"

for the energy of your Space.

Home, Office, or Business.


Archangel A.C. Sprays

Cleanse and nourish the energy in your environment with nature and light energy. Great for toning and harmonizing your space's frequency. Great booster to unify at gatherings, teams, or in group work. 

Lighter frequency with flowers and plants compared to burning sage. Great for kids.

Energy Self-Care


Support with thoughts and feelings


Use anytime to re-balance and uplift your energy. Perfect for energetic alignment on the go or as a travel compadre. 

Use throughout the day to cleanse, refresh, strengthen, soothe and de-stress your bio-energetic sphere. 

Each is created from a blend of essential oils and botanicals grown in bio-dynamic and organic environments and contain varying levels of 49 herbal extracts.


Support sacred self

connection and alignment


Great for meditation practice or beginning the day living Alive inspired from your soul

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