Your Color Experience 

What is this integrative plant and mineral system from London all about? 

My Experience

Aura-Soma is a tool to affirm what is true and good within you. Using the principle of resonance, this system gives you a pure way to connect with your inner-voice through Nature's language of color, plants, flowers, and minerals.


 Right Brain Therapy

You experience self-awareness "out of your head" and in your heart--lighting up the other side of your brain. You engage your playful creative intuitive "natured" brain.

You stimulate your right brain to bypass your ego through the sensory medium of color. You instinctively let go of

self-imposed blocks and gracefully get out of your own way.


Because color provides a safe space for

self-realization, discovery, and a personal break through.

Consciously connect deeper into your subconscious to

expand into your potential. 


Chronically ill and undiagnosed for three years at that point, I had just about tried every  "therapy" around the world to support myself in wellbeing and healing. No other therapy gave me joy, higher guidance and faith in myself as this vibrant friendly system from Nature. 

It was such a special experience choosing and seeing which four equilibrium hues my being desired. I clearly listened to my inner voice and it was so cool to get the color language feedback in what my inner voice wanted me to realize most. 

I was given an opportunity to receive my body and mind's wisdom effortlessly. I got to be in control of helping myself.

I felt empowered and inspired from my colors.

After all, you really do know yourself  best when

given the pure opportunity. 

In a sensitive and loving approach, color can shine a warm nurturing light on your "BS" 

& reconnect you straight into your Light.




for more info

on this worldwide approach

Your Session

You receive on point messages from your own insight 

that help you connect dots in your life or allow you to reframe a particular part of your story or limiting belief in a new positive light. Rediscover and affirm the best parts about yourself and transform your weaknesses or vulnerabilities into your greatest strength. 


These sensory sessions offer light vibrational shifts to clear and lighten your load. Declutter your internal space for your body and mind to naturally return to equilibrium and ease. 


Color is a refreshing and reinvigorating energetic tool that gives you a brighter aura of joyful wellbeing.

After choosing the bottles, we will have an exciting transformational conversation with your colors.

Begin your session by lightening your energy with a selected color to apply for your guided meditation. 

  1. Wearing color

  2. Using Aura-Soma products in your everyday for your body, your mind, your spirit, and your environment. 

  3. Appreciating Nature (think heart healthy green!). 

  4. Flowers; flower meditating for self-love & reconnecting with Nature. Buying flowers for yourself & living space to increase self-acceptance self-compassion, and self-worth. 

  5. Drinking and eating all natural color from juice, fruits, & veggies. (The secret to enhancing pure vegetables is making a delicious simple sauce).

  6. Engaging in art or buying colorful art for the home

  7. Mindfully choosing color home decor (textiles, accents etc.) for wellbeing.

  8. Color Mindfulness: Appreciating any color you are drawn to in your daily life kaleidoscope. 

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