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Visualizing Color on the Treadmill

While running on the treadmill, I was staring out a giant see-through glass wall looking at all the ant people walking by into the YMCA. A cute vegetable & flower garden lights up the entrance to the Cesar Chavez YMCA location. I always admire it as pre and post workout fuel--sometimes snapping an iPhone pic if I feel extra inspired.

Just past the people are lots of trees, a green grassy park, and all the cars flowing down Cesar Chavez street. About 10 minutes into my jog, when I start to really relax and enter my flow state, bottle #65 “head in heaven, feet on earth” appears in my head. Aura-soma equilibrium bottle # 65 is a glowing violet on top and a bright tomato red on the bottom. I begin doing some color visualization. My jogs have become quite trippy lately. I’ve been experimenting with visualizing colors as I run, particularly magenta, to see if it has an effect on my running endurance and a balancing of my breathing. It does :) Lately, though, I've stopped trying to visualize colors. I don't know why--just forgot about or something.

Today, the color visualization happened naturally like it was its own heartbeat putting on a light show for me while I ran. Color sure does have a mind of it's own. Remember, color is energy. And energy is constantly coming into our auric sphere, the space we occupy just outside our body, and energy is also leaving our aura sphere.

So I imagine almost like a red mist swirling and floating all around the lower half of my body & a violet mist dancing around the top half of my body to about 1 ft above my head. Man, this is a trip. This is fun. This feels creative. This feels therapeutic. My jogs are getting spicier and more freeing each time I do this color visualization. The color is charging up and propelling each foot touchdown on the treadmill. Its like I've been injected with this fruity burst of red awakening energy and misty healing spiritual transforming deep violet color energy. Damn, I'm going some pretty cool "places" in my mind.

I almost listened to an hour podcast from the Hay House World Summit last night, but I decided I was in more of a "visuals" kind of mood. And watched "Girl Boss" on Netflix instead. Anywho, the Hay House podcast was called “Heaven on Earth in a Fear-Based Culture." I read a book called “Eager to Love” about St. Francis being a sort of rebel in the Roman Catholic church way back in the day in Italy. He lived on the "periphery" of acceptable church norms. He wasn't a churchy dude and wasn't into dogmatic beliefs. He is well-known for his sort of hippie, universal, inclusive nature and animal loving vibe. He was a naturalist who believed in the power of love above church rules. St. Francis believed heaven can exist on earth.

So I’m thinking about all of this with this groovy deep house music pumping some euphoria bliss tunage through my ears into my bloodstream. For whatever reason, I don’t even have to think twice when I ask myself, "do I think heaven can exist on earth." From a deep canyon within, I absolutely know in my heart some version of "Heaven on Earth" can exist. And, yes, this feels strange that I am so immediately certain. I didn’t even hesitate. Because, yea, a lot of shit is fucked up, especially right now. And I definitely know the planet is sad. I can feel it--"empath struggles."

I think of this "Heaven on Earth" concept as a light-filled world. I think "Heaven on Earth" is really a symbol of a more awakened harmonious planet. You know, humans treating Mother Nature or Pacha Mama & her animals with love and care, a 100% organic food supply and demand ethically protecting the well-being of animals. And those that choose to consume animals are doing with thanks and awareness. (Don't know why, but damn I hate the word 'gratitude'--its gotten a bit overly self-praising holy moly ravioli. 'Thanks' is a much more humbling word.) I digress. Let's bring it back.

And damn, "Heaven on Earth" would be humans expressing way more of their love that I believe is just sitting deep down waiting to be tapped into for many folks.

But ya, it's almost lunch time and this is my little jogging thought sailing by. Probably all invoked by this wild color visualization thang I'm doin' as of late. Thought it should come out though. And I''m happy it did :)

" A grounding combination, representing the two extremes of the visible colour spectrum: the red energy of physicality in the 1st/root chakra, and the violet energies of spirituality, transformation and service in the 7th/crown chakra."

Violet over red speaks about the awakened energy (red) to perform one’s service (violet) to the world in a balanced physical/spiritual way.

Smelling YMCA's flowers/aka post workout fuel

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