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COVID-19: Prisms of Light Perspective

How are you relating to the world’s pandemic?

We have different audiences relating in different ways to what Is occurring right now.

To the Great Opportunity for Clarity and Heart Expression.

My hope is to show you, through the symbols of number and color from aura-soma,

how different aspects of our global community could be experiencing this collective sacred agreement as well as a more personal lense for your own soul to view the pandemic from a different perspective. My hope is to also show you all the colors this virus is offering to expand comlpassion in the commlunity.

I am creating vibrant lenses of clarity for the collective.

This is my gift with the grace of spirit. Now, lets get into it! I’m so excited!!

First, let’s talk through some names and see what numbers and colors you’re actually relating too at this time in terms of this global experience.

Which of the following do you relate to most:

  • Corona Virus

  • Corona Virus Disease

  • Corona Virus 2019

  • COVID-19

  • Corona Virus Disease 2019

Choose 1 phrase.

Note that all the colors of all the phrases are telling a story that builds upon each other culminating in the last 2 color combos of "Corona Virus Disease 2019." If you feel inspired, I recommend you read the whole way through beginning to end so you can feel the whole of the story or if you just want to connect with your part that is wonderful too!

The last phrase "Corona Virus Disease 2019" encompasses the global message and bridge into a a more heart-centered world. Juicy light there : )

Now, we will go on an epic journey together through color. It will be fun, insightful, inspiring, and ultimately provide a bridge for you to go deeper into the center of your heart.

This journey reflects the transformation the collective is going on right now,

spoken and felt in color.

You will also get a chance to personally connect to your ancient higher wisdom of color and the sacred gift for you during this great time of change and healing for the planet.


Through coding the letters into numbers and then adding them up into color,

I discovered that


Corona is expressed in color through blue over red;

The name of the color combination is “Bringing Heaven to Earth”

Remember, corona in Latin means crown and relates to the 7th crown chakra that is associated with the color violet or purple. The shake to color of blue and red is violet.

Blue represent the heaven in the top conscious part of the color combo being brought to the red Earth in the lower fraction, the subconscious.

This is about the possibility of bringing a new quality to earth or integrating the spiritual into the practical; head in heaven, feet on earth. If one is in touch with their higher corona or crown of Spirit, then the balance of the spiritual/practical nature lends itself to an inner awakening (red) to communicating (blue) or expressing in a peaceful balanced powerful manner (blue).

With a sense of natural relaxed authority dropping in oneself from the Heavens above (blue). To be utilized in action on earth (red).

Lastly, this color combo can refer to a “long forgotten promise to bring Heaven to earth through a desire for peace and harmony.”

Affirmation: “I see my head in heaven, my feet empowered on the earth,

through resting my attention at the center of my being.”


Virus codes into 26 which is coded into orange over orange, with one color combined into orange.

The name of this color frequency is “humpty dumpty” or in a more spiritual sense “the etheric rescue.”

The higher function of this virus is to get it together again. Just like humpty dumpty falls all apart in the fable, he then has to put his own self back together as “all the king horses and all the kings men” could not do it for him; he was required to discover his divine authority, his violet crown, and do it himself. This virus can show us the different parts of self that are still separate and longing to be integrated.

The virus aspect of it all also represents an opportunity of breaking down the origin points of the shocks being felt in our systems and timelines. Once the shock can be absorbed and transformed, we can allow ourselves to be put back together again and a deep timeline healing occurs. Then, the possibility for synchronicity is restored.

Orange is a great color for shock right now.

Eat orange food, wear orange clothes, or buy orange flowers for the home.

Affirmation: “I send peace to all the beings that I have been.”

Corona Virus= 56

Corona + Virus= 30 + 26= 56

St. Gemain is pale violet over pale violet, essentially one color unified: pale violet.

As mentioned above, corona means crown and this is a crown rescue virus to heal our relationship with the 7th chakra or spirit, our relationship with Source. God is not meant for only times of immense struggle. God is a light meant to be connected with everyday unconditional of the human emotional experience. Just like a dog meets you wherever you are, (God spelled backwards), so too does God.

The phrase “Corona Virus” does not mention any sort of context of time, ie: 2019.

It is also important to note that the word ‘virus’ is in this phrase, but not disease or dis~ease.

This phrase acknowledges that there is a virus occurring and calamity is happening in one’s world, but disease is not a part of this phrase. Showing that this person resonating with this does not feel the disease aspect because transmutation (negative energy into positive energy) is present as an aid.

Affirmation: “All of the negativity of the past is being transmuted by the lilac flame that burns brightly around me. I feel inspired.”

Without a context of time, this color pale violet is representing this corona virus or crown virus at any point in time having an effect of:

  • Massive transformation

  • Massive healing

  • Massive service

Pale violet is the highest divine support in helping us release negativity at all levels.

As we allow our bodies of light to purify our illusions, we experience transmutation within as our composition and nature changes to a possibility where we could become ‘the Way’ meaning we become a catalyst for change (violet) for higher wisdom and clarity of thought. The Crown Virus pale violet gifts us the opportunity to become lager than life, be Spirit, so we can expand our range of living, loving, and materializing our ideas or intuitive hits on many planes at once for the greater good’s expansion of Light on earth aka bringing heaven to earth –the 30 in corona or crown.

Corona Virus Disease

30 (Corona) + 26 (Virus) + 26 (Disease)= 82

The letters coded into numbers into color comes to 82 or green over orange.

This color combo is called Calypso.

Interestingly, enough, the word “virus” and “disease” both coded to number 26, the same humpty dumpty or etheric rescue bottle. With the added word of ‘disease,’ we have more orange and the only green hue of all the different phrases.

We are offered green and orange as remedy for the resonance with disease. The greater association with disease or virus requires a greater need for balancing the relationship with our time and space, a green concept. Green also relates to the space of the heart. Really honoring oneself and taking time to heal up the shock or trauma experienced in the heart. Shock can bring up more suppressed shock. With proper space given for this, the shock can be released in a calm, quiet, gentle, subtle way like how it feels to take a walk in nature and get cleared. Another example, is when you exercise. This moves stuck energy out rather gracefully and graciously. If we do not honor the proper time and space for healing, then we can erupt or crack like an egg (humpty dumpty) into a bunch of tiny fragmented pieces. I imagine that every human does not escape this fate in same way on their earthly experience. We have this in common. From shock and the higher awareness of shock can come the buddha orange robes of compassion.

If we face our disease of separation, we have the opportunity on the healed side for new insight from the orange of our emotions to emerge. Our emotions are power. They can give us insight. They must feel free first though to reveal their wisdom. Sometimes, we are asked to process consciously, and, sometimes, just creating time and space for ourselves is enough freedom. Sometimes, time and space is all we need for our emotions to freely run their course through the body and out of the aura. Giving space to the heart (green) allows the potential for difficulties of the past to be released.

As we make enough space, insight and even deep joy or the orange of buddha bliss can emerge, the revelation of the deepest joy to enter into the dance of Life.

Affirmation: I am open to taking the space and time for new decisions and direction to support me in going into the dance of Life’s deep joy.

Corona Virus 2019

30 (Corona) + 26 (Virus) +12 ( 2019)= 68

This is the first time I bring up the context of time with 2019.

2019 added up is 12. 12 is the color frequency of clear/white over blue, “Peace in the New Aeon” inspired by a childlike expression. The tarot card associated with 12 is the “upside down man”

Note that 2020, the year we are in now, is a double emphasis of 20, which is expressed as blue over pink “the inner-child” or the communication of unconditional love. We’re in the midst of learning how to communicate with unconditional love. This virus is a wake up call to communicate with more heart with our loved ones.

(2+0+2+0= 4; yellow over orange, the sunlight bottle or the self illuminated in wisdom and happiness.

This will relate to the phrase coming up “Corona 2019.”)

There is also no “disease” mentioned in this phrase.

The colors of 68 are blue over violet with the name of Gabriel.

To be clear, this is not archangel Gabriel. This is Gabriel, the angel on earth of Peace and fulfillment.

Transformation within (violet) allows a greater peace (blue) in the conscious mind as “the inner angel emerges from the dissolution of conditioning (violet).”

This color combo is very similar to the corona 30 blue over red as violet in this combo is blue and red.

So we have an added blue in the base in 68 compared to 30.

This phrase acknowledges the crown virus occurring in the specific context of our present time on earth.

The gift of right now has the potential for more peace with the added blue in the base of the violet.

For those of you that resonated with this phrase relating to Gabriel, there is an opportunity for conscious peaceful expression or communication. There is an underlying potential for earthly discernment of the truth. In other words, trusting your peace and wisdom above all others including the media or politicians or neighbors. The highest truth lives within you and is your pipeline to God. Gabriel strengthens us and grounds us with the red and awakens us to discovering the higher truth from ourselves by going within to meet with Spirit (violet). On the outside world, we are called to peacefully communicate with those around us. On an inward level, we are asked to have more chats with Spirit than we were before the pandemic.

As our discernment develops, we see that the clearest eye is the one inside speaking to us. As we connect deeper into spirit, our intuitive abilities increase.

Gabriel supports us in seeing our relationships as opportunities for love and growth rather than trauma or suffocation. Some may feel stuck at home having a tough time with their crew and may need the metanoia of violet to completely re-look at the opportunity in front of them to practice Love. Or some may feel grateful for the person or people they wound up at home with and can use this as a time to go deeper into love with those around them. With the red hidden in the violet, a practical expression of love and a practical expression of service is what is focused on with this frequency.

Affirmation: I am empowered and inspired to practically communicate my inner peace through Love to those around me.


=26 (COVID) + 19=36

Interestingly enough, for a third time, a number sequence adds up to 26 or the humpty dumpty bottle, the shock absorber bottle.

19 is red over purple, called “Living in a Material World” with a balance between the physical, practical earthly realm and being grounded in the violet of faith and connection to Spirit where transformation is (violet). In other words, the 19 brings up a balance in doing and being. We are being gifted with more time and space than ever to remember how to slow down and be, to come back into balance so that action is much for aligned, efficient, and of the higher nature.

36 is the color frequency of violet over pink called “Charity.”

This color combo is also thought of as Kindness.

The pink is the power of receiving love, compassion, and kindness for oneself then letting that overflow into the world—being of healing service (violet) from a place of self-love (pink).

I think of this color combo as the angels on earth or what some think of as light workers.

These human beings have already been through a great deal and awakening and have mastered self-care and a hearty foundation of self-love. This group has gone through an intense de-conditioning process already. They have taken sacred responsibility for roles and identities that do not serve Spirit or are in alignment with their highest expression. They are able to show up for others in service (violet) because they have showed for themselves (pink). They have great focus and concentration (aspects of red hidden in the red and white to make pink) on their practice of self or being present. This gives them the opportunity to let their cup overflow into the world, as long as their cup is naturally so full fro self-love it overflows without force or pressure. The charity that is given from this frequency comes from an unconditional love because one’s own is overflowing that there is not a need for love from others.

This phrase resonates with the human being tapped into Spirit receiving constant guidance and support. True kindness (pink) has a transformative (violet) aspect to it because it is coming from a place of compassion that has already been witnessed within. Therefore this passion of love (red in the pink) can be shared and thus becomes com l passion for the comm l unity.

Affirmation: “I let go of all the masks and layers between myself and what I can be. I extend caring, warmth, and kindness to my self to the world.”

For healers of all kinds, now is a time to remove any mask that one is hiding behind or dimming their light for. An aspect of violet is invisibility. What is asked of us to “step up” and not “play small” is actually a greater act of Loving oneself, not the other way around of giving out more to the world.

COVID19 is a call to the healers and activists of the world to focus the attention on self-love and what lights one up so one can be, not do, the catalytic change. Show not tell. Be the light in the world.

We help the most by being our self, merging into the collective our l self of the center of the flower. We move from petal to one of the many dots on the center of the flower, center of the universe.

The actress bottle finally allows the self-love and self-acceptance (pink) to flower into spiritual love and caring for others (violet) and the willingness to give of ourselves for the greater good.

Corona 2019

30 (Corona) + 12 (2019) =42

This phrase does have the word “virus” or “disease.”

42 is the frequency of yellow, yellow over yellow, pure yellow. The name of this color combo is the “Harvest” equilibrium.

Yellow relates to the little will and pale blue relates to the higher will (coming up in the next phrase). 42 the Harvest is self-consciousness in the positive felt as clarity in the mind of the brain an the mind of the gut. Confusion, fear, and anxiety have dissipated; the sun comes out of the fog. There is joy from clarity.

Clarity allows for relaxation, a relaxed confident joy and even spontaneity because there is a trust in self. What we grow, we shall reap.

If you are resonating with this phrase there is purely an acceleration in the illumination of self, the inner-sun, in the context of today’ time and global awakening. Sun-warriors come to mind. Those that have meditated and gone within actively in pursuit of their truth and finally reaping the benefits of fertilizing, planting, and growing. It is now time to harvest the fruits of wisdom and with this a natural happiness that comes with it, an ease and lightness of being in experiencing the inner-spring of sunshine available at all times as Consciousness.

42 is the frequency of yellow, yellow over yellow, pure yellow. The name of this color combo is the “Harvest” equilibrium.

Affirmation: “I have joy in the knowledge that I have been given. I feel a lightness of being.”

Corona Virus Disease 2019

This is the phrase for the world, the global message of this time for us all to get on board with to unify on the turquoise ray. We must integrate together the lesson the balance between pale yellow and pale blue. Then we can simplify together into the essence of the Great Opportunity. We can relish and live from the turquoise and clear (synonymous with all the colors rainbow or white).


30 (Corona) + 26 (Virus) + 26 (Disease) + 12 (2019) = 94

94 expresses in pale blue over pale yellow; the name resonating with this color frequency is Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael helps us to feel brave a courageous self (pale yellow) that comes specifically from the pale blue (faith and trust in the higher will). Thy will is the focus here. If we focus pale blue energy of thy will in the conscious mind then our personal ideas and opinions (yellow) can move out of our own way so that something of greater will can express through us.

The pale yellow is a more intense vibration with more clear or white light added to it to lighten it. The pale yellow has the wisdom to let the higher will fight the battle with a natural authority and direct communication of Peace. We can be at peace with authority on earth as we relax into the authority of the higher will within us and simultaneously the sovereign Godly authority within each human being.

The fear (yellow) in our depths is being let go because we are becoming clear that a greater authority of peace prevails beyond this earth realm.

Often seen with a sword, Archangel Michael is called upon when we feel scared. He provides the pale blue veil of protection of self (yellow). Right now the earth is needing our (protection) from our own swords of tongues of dis-ease of separation of a lack of love and truth. The pale yellow within is our wisdom shining through us with the pale blue nurturing required to care for ourselves, others, and the world.

Blue and yellow make green getting us into the space of the heart. The heart is where harmony is possible, an aspect of green and of an earthly equilibrium, an aspect of green. A balance between honoring the little will and little sun of the self and all its light with the higher guidance from faith is being asked of all human beings at this time. Then, it is possible for a heaven on earth to be begin being collectively shared.

Possibly right now individuals are able experience pocket moments in their own lives (separate self yellow) of heaven on earth. As we remember our trust in faith collectively as a planet, the hope and peace of the light blue sky, we can begin to grow a collective shared humanity of heaven on earth or really just an ecosystem more in balance.

The corona virus specifically targets the lungs. My dad is on a ventilator in the ICU. The ventilator is giving his lungs a chance to heal. I find it interesting that we can think of ventilator as a passage, a vessel or way that gives space for air or oxygen to flow through to bring Life to the body. So too can our creative ideas of collaboration help us to breathe innovation, creativity (associated with turquoise and the element of air) into our world. WE can breathe life back into this planet through our spirited ideas healing our ecosystem.

Cities have been hit hard with the virus as people are closer in contact in concentration and there is less nature. We are moving into a new way of honoring Mother Nature, the great nurturer providing the way for the Truth to be discovered. The precious space, time, direction, clarity, and purification that nature gives our heart is being seen and felt on a collective level more than ever. Right now, people are going outside more than ever really being consciously faced with what Nature is providing them with. Hence the direct message of this color frequency of Archangel Michael is an” intense truth being revealed in relation to the evolution of consciousness.”

The tarot card associated with 94 and the pale blue over pale yellow frequency is the return of the tower. Basically, after the tower has crumbled down, only can the healing begin. The phrase “corona virus disease 2019” is an initiation and paving the way for the beginning of a massive global healing that will collectively start to take place over hundreds over years. Michaelic energy represents a

christ consciousness or a new christ energy flowering on the planet.

The outward journey of the tower violet over violet ( similar in color to pale violet/pale violet St. Germain) was a collapse of the tower and a total metanoia or change of mind is occurring—many models of the mind begin failing to construct and understand the world we know because we world our mind knows is in the midst of crumbling.

The collapse of the tower gives space, an aspect of blue and yellow combined to green, for the opening into another world to emerge through the heart within the heart, the turquoise ray. Coral, New Christ Energy, and turquoise are the new energies of the new world the planet is transitioning into after this one big bang crumble of the virus.

Michael brings from spirit a new life for a new time, a new light force into the planetary grid system, helping human consciousness evolve. We are left with a reconciling energy between the pale yellow, my will, and the pale blue, thy will. We are asked to make peace between the two with us, that which connects us to earth’s life force or sunshine (yellow) and that which rises us into the heavens (blue).

Many familiar things are falling away right now. This an opportunity to let go of our confusion and put our trust in something greater. As we collectively do this together on small unit independent and family levels and communities world wide, we can begin to experience the joy of never before experienced spring, a shared collective Spring experience co-created together (very coral turquoise vibes).

Affirmation: “I feel the expansion of the heart as I open myself to acceptance of a new way for the greater good. I feel a deep sense of connection with the earth and all the peace and joy she offers to me. I treat her like Heaven”

The heart, throat, and navel area is associated with this color frequency.

These organs and spaces on the body are power spots to connect into to.

What truth is ready to be received by your heart right now?

Let it be new.

What words or expression is ready to flow through your throat out loud into the world right now?

Let it be new.

What wisdom is ready to flow through your belly right now?

Let it be new.

Archangel Michael Simplified: The Essence of it All

The Archangel Michael energy of 94 pale blue/pale yellow is simplified into an essence.

You can think of this as what the Archangel Michael energy boils down to--

the heart with the heart.

94 simplified is 85 with the 2019 adding up to 12 then further added up with

1+ 2 = 3.

3 is the heart bottle, blue over green.

Remember the phrase “Corona Virus Disease” adds up to 82.

So 82 + 2019 or 12 1 + 2 simplified is 3 = 85

85 expresses as a color frequency of turquoise over clear called the

Queen of Fairies (Titania from Shakespeare's play A Mid-summer;s Night Dream).

Turquoise is associated with the Ananda Khanda or creative expression and creative communication of the heart. We learn to tap inward to reach the turquoise sea of the collective. We go through the heart to do this, the number 3 is the heart bottle, blue over green.

As talked about with the tower of an old paradigm falling away, a new world centered of the heart is beginning on a massive level, no longer with just human beings here and there lit up in the heart actively expressing from all 3 brains (the cranial, heart, and gut). Now, the world wakes up and we start leading from the heart on a collective conscious level in a practical way.

85 is the expression of the new way, it is called Queen of Fairies.

Right off the bat, we see that the feminine is beyond being integrated and is being honored as a key player in demonstrating a more natural graceful way of creating effective macro change on our planet. Fairies are very small, yet they are seen in folklore to be exploding with magical powers with a direct connection into the unseen world or the subtle ethereal realm.

In Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, all the little people or fairies have a mother or queen figure. There is a scene where Titania awakens from her sleep to her feminine power as Queen. This new age is collective conscious opening to being receptive to trying to build things a new way.

Receptivity is a key aspect of feminine energy.

So collectively we are awakening to the divine feminine energy with us all--a more creative way of expressing solutions that comes from a deeper more lit place in the heart. The heart within the heart is associated with the color turquoise. Green is the space of the heart; turquoise is the creative balanced communication from the heart.

As we become more clear within the depths of our selves (clear on the bottom fraction), our creativity is brought into a natural balanced expression of masculine feminine energy of doing and being with the clear or white light all colors of the rainbow giving a wholesome overarching diet to our light bodies. We begin to remember ancient wisdom of subtlety, symbols, unseen gifts with an awakened third eye of immense knowing.

Turquoise over clear, 85, shows us that this virus is an opportunity to let go of our fears or shadows with the courage and faith of the archangel Michael energy so that we may get in touch with the light within. So a new dawning of light bodies is waking up. A new dawn of creativity and individuals coming together from the wisdom discovered within to love each other, a natural unity, heaven on earth, descends.

Affirmation: “I am a being of light; I am creative.”

Cheers to the Adventure my friends.

What a beautiful time on earth it Is.

May Blessings Surround You Everyday.

Lots of Love to You,


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