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What about the Divine Masculine?

It seems like the hot topic in the spiritual wellness community is the divine feminine, woman rising into power, the goddess energy, and so on. This is all beautiful. But it seems like in the full embrace and the spotlight of the divine feminine, the divine masculine energy is forgotten. And worse, masculine energy is only interpreted by it’s shadow side based off of our world’s history of it being expressed as conquering in battle and “conquering” in capitalism. Even the government is still referred to as “the man,” perpetuating a negative connotation of masculine energy in mass mind consciousness. I believe as important as it is to honor the divine feminine, we must also nourish and nurture the birth of the light side of divine masculine energy that is emerging right now on the planet. So exciting!

Are you on a divine feminine journey?

Well, that means, you’re automatically on a masculine one too. Or at least down the road. The divine feminine journey next level is actually just as much about the divine masculine. It's about integration of both! It’s the divine masculine that’s allowing the feminine energy within us to blossom. Same thing for what’s going on in the world right now. Women rising into power. Any last bits of low consciousness or the masculine shadow side coming out in outbursts. Remember, each of us humans are just expressions or mirrors for each other to witness objectively with the heart of the collective conscience.

Now, the divine masculine energy is emerging, which is allowing the divine feminine energy to gracefully spiral up into power.

The masculine energy is the sun and the flower needs this light force to grow strong & protected. Working on healthy boundaries anyone? That’s masculine. Protecting yourself. Respecting yourself. That’s masculine.

Divine Masculine Energy as Christ Consciousness?

I feel Divine masculine energy could be expressed as Christ energy or Christ consciousness. Which is all rooted in the basic raw energy of the color red or love. Think of the raw red mama earth soil. And here the masculine and feminine beautifully intertwine; soil is earth and Mother Nature is feminine. The relationship between red and green in Chinese culture is yin and yang; the green mama earth and the masculine red life force energy required for material form, physicality, (masculine/red) to come to Life (feminine/green).

Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine= Harmony

“In the dual world of the matter we embody, everything is the sum of two opposites. If it is not so, there is no harmony. Light needs darkness, a male needs a female, and everything is a fit. Evolution can only happen when there are two opposites. This is how we get to the reality of yin and yang and to the male (Father) and female (Mother) models of human beings. These two opposites create a polarity, which leads to balance and harmony. We need both. Human beings receive the strength of Heaven, yang, masculine, from the left side, and the strength of the Earth, yin, feminine, from the right side. This is the way the human body is built.”

True Masculine Power

“The Divine Masculine is not macho, controlling, or unkind. It is just as much about love as our Divine Feminine and it is essential for creating balance, prosperity and vibrational harmony for all. We need to recognize true divine masculinity when we see it, nurture it, and use it equally with our feminine energy to unite forces and heal the world.”


How to Nurture Your Divine Masculine Energy?

The divine feminine energy within is nurturing, caring and internal love for yourself that brings much energy to your divine masculine. Divine Masculine energy embodies discipline, order, responsibility and duty. It is protective and it provides and brings structure so we can live our true intentions. I think of Divine Masculine energy as direct, open, very loving, & responsible. Calm focused forward moving energy. It is the divine masculine energy within us all that supports & balances our divine feminine energy emerging in graceful power.

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