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Rising 'N' Shining: Creating Your Own "Good Morning" Energy for the Day Ahead.

Good Morning

You can greet yourself & the world with love & kindness by the way you carry yourself energetically through your morning routine; this is sacred.

A lot of lifestyle experts speak about the latest "morning ritual" trends or what specific things they do, then throw some research stats in there to support their findings & ultimately share in hope that their own discoveries could work for many people too. Beautiful intention, sometimes helpful, & good to remember we all have different bodies & energies.

My hope is to inspire & show you how to tune into your own unique energy when you rise to create your very own good morning frequency & positive energy to take out with you into the world and day ahead. As an energetic foundation of Love for the rest of the day. Relying on your energetics instead of your actual morning patterns allows you to stay awake and tuned in vs. going though the morning routine motions/actions asleep in lala land. Focusing on high vibe universal essences of Truth like Love, Peace, Joy, & Harmony are more supportive and potent than trying to focus and will desire into form; remember, form follows essence. The morning time should support you in your day ahead. This does not necessarily have to entail "doing" much, but rather tuning into your energy. A shift of awareness. For me, I realized personalizing your routines and having awareness around them is great, but it's less about what I'm doing & more about the way in which Im doing it. Tuning in to see what kind of energy I'm working with upon rising. Is it a positive energy or lower energy? So that I can either empower and inspire the positive energetic momentum to consciously take with me in the day ahead or recognize a need to take responsibility for my energy & do my best to shift the frequency with help from a Higher Power so my whole day doesn't vibe off dull. Ultimately, practicing a kind loving energy during your morning routine takes on a practice of self-love & Oneness outside yourself (when you could feel isolated at home or not pumped about where your day is headed).

At the end, I will share some universal ways to tee yourself up for a vibrant day that you can most definitely personalize & cozy up into.

How do you wake up/how do you greet yourself and the day?

What if I told you this cld be THE MOST SACRED act of love YOU could offer ALL DAY?!

And it can ALSO BE THE EASIEST. Do yourself a favor and the planet. Raise that vibe yo first thing in the A.M.! The biggest step is the shift out of sleepiness into awareness by checking in with how you’re feeling.

Good Morning Christina. Do you tell yourself good morning? Like ever?

Haha noooo, I don’t actually say good morning out loud to myself, but, hey, that’s a good idea. Maybe I should start! I say good morning to my lil pup chloe & the two big beautiful protector plants sandwiching my bed. I greet myself & the world with a "good morning" in the energetic way I get ready for the day. It’s the way in which we do things that’s more important than what we’re actually doing. So you could cut up a piece of fruit quickly & checked out or you could cut it up melodically and in such reverence/thanks that you’re about to enjoy a colorful creation from God. Same activity. Different way.

I believe the WAY in which I wake up & get ready for the day can serve as a form of self-love & a “good morning”; Getting ready for the day can be a sacred act of thanks to the planet & God. Say whaaaaat?

I am a passionate believer that the vibes we have going on during our morning getting ready for the day sets a template for our energetic signature that day. So if I am practicing a kind, compassionate tone in the A.M., then I will be more likely to vibe that off to others throughout the day & send out these positive vibes into our global consciousness. Fun!!

So what do you do when you wake up & feel wack?

Like super tired, in a fog, or just uninspired about the day ahead.

1. First & for most, before you start focusing on your little beautiful self, I believe it is important to immediately connect with Divinity/ a higher power/God/consciousness, etc.

When my eyeballs open & I am still in some sort of dream state, I immediately start saying some sort of prayer in my head, whatever flows from my heart. Recently it dawned on me, to pray to let go of my ego first thing in the morning. Then, I ask God to purify my heart & my mind. I ask God to fill me up with overflowing unconditional love &, cuz I'm a color therapist, I imagine a pure pink liquid essence being fluidly mixed into my body of healing waters.

This takes 30 seconds. If nothing comes to you, you can rest your hand over your heart tuning into the energy of Love. And you can say a simple thank you in your head. Thank you for another go at sacred life, another day on this beautifully chaotic traverse.

Sets a Stabilizing Higher Frequency to deflect Stress Energy Later that Day.

With thoughtfulness, getting ready in the morning can serve as a pillar for stability rooted in Love when we find ourselves in stressful moments later in the day.

I have witnessed this for myself. On days I do the christina morning things with a loving energy & making time to not rush through the routine, I am not as easily or at all brought out of my loving center when some curve balls or challenge comes my way later in the day. By prayer first thing, saying thanks, appreciating nature, & reading a page of sacred text, I align my energetic field in Love, Joy, Peace, & Harmony.

The Key is to do a couple high vibe morning thangs to establish an energetic pattern of higher frequency.

What is the most important thing you do in the morning? Just kidding, don’t awnser this. It’s not one thing. But rather, I believe it’s the energetic stream you’re creating as positive light momentum to send you off on your day.

I believe that the morning magic is all about that flow of a continued state of positive consistency—establishing a pattern & informing our higher self you're on board to live your Light today & choosing a positive energetic state as a foundation for the rest of the day. Its like, yo universe, I am signaling outward that this higher vibe of Love, Harmony & Peace is what I’m tapping into today. I am setting the intention and the template for the day.I am lovingly claiming my innate brilliant Divinity early in the A.M.

When I looked at my morning flow, I realized I naturally seem to do 4 things:

1. Purification Prayer

I surrender my ego/ask to be purified with God’s unconditional Love.

2. Say Thanks

to the living beings around me; Chloe, my little pup, & my plants

If you have a roomie/significant other, even if yall aren’t on awesome terms in the moment, you could say thanks for them :)

3. Appreciate Nature

Connects you into the Whole/Unity consciousness.

When I take chloe out to pee, I appreciate and revel in the morning Light, a dewdrop, a flower, a tree, a small leaf on the ground or a plant in your home, or the very mere air you're inhaling outside. Oxygen is is a gift. If you’re having trouble “receiving” the Love swirling all around, check to see if 1) you feel worthy enough to receive unconditional love freely given to you 2) if your heart feels open or closed/numb. If it feels numb or not connective into goodness, no worries. Just pray to let go of yourself and for your heart to open and receive love. Just try. thats actually all you have to do. And So it is.

4. Devotional Read

I read 1 pg. of sacred text to illustrate my priority to the higher Self/Divinity/Light/Source/God above ego. And to signal i know i can't do it all on my own.

It seems like when I actually make the effort to read at least 1 paragraph, it acts as an invitation and a sign of willingness and devotion to live consciously and awake throughout the day to the best of my ability. It pumps me up and inspires me to be my best Self.

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