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Buying Your Groceries from a Color Therapist's Perspective

Feeding Your Senses Series Part I:

Taste the Rainbow.


We're going to start with food since it is the most basic physical form of nourishment & feeding your Light. First, you must know some basic principles.

1) The grand physicists have already discovered that our bodies are made up of vibrating light particles.

2) Rational scientists have discovered that different colors are in actuality different wavelengths of light.

3) Scientists already paved the tangible road, thanks y'all; they deduced color is light & our physical bodies absorb color also known as light.

Now for my experiment. ~The Juicy BACKSTORY~

I spent the past 5 years conducting a personal interactive study of the relationship between my body/mind/spirit with our world of color. Initially, I did this out of desperation because I was extremely ill & undiagnosed for years. I noticed color was affecting me & helping me. This obscure color lead was all the "information" I had to work with at the time. Once I was diagnosed on the fifth year with black mold poisoning by an angel MD functional medicine doctor, I shifted from using color as a healing rebalancing tool to consolidating all my research/experiences into: writing, selling the healing art I made during that time, getting certified in integrative nutrition as a holistic wellness coach & getting multi-certified in a transformational color healing method that is now my main service.

Okay, back to grocery shopping.

Our Grocery Shopping Style has gotten Wack!

Lot of us rush through the grocery store aisles like were weaving in and out of traffic in a car. We have our quick mental checklists to get in and out and, well, check one more thing off the list. We use habitual mental checklists b/c it is quick and we think we “know ourselves by a preconceived often robotic conversation with our mind.

While their may be certain food items we generally like over time, our bodies are very sensitive responding to many variables such as: amount of physical exercise, time in sunlight, levels of stress, individual biochemical strengths/weaknesses, seasonal changes, shifting moods, amount of play & so on.

Our mind tells us it makes more sense to ask our mind what we want to feed our body than our actually body. Your body is full of helpful information & wisdom. My goal is to teach and inspire you how to listen to your body in terms of what foods it wants.

The easiest way for rookies to dive in is to ask yourself: What color do I want to eat most? What color of veggies and fruits sounds exciting to put in my body? Believe me, crazy and fun as it seems, you will get an answer.

Do you want to really experience the magical vibrant colorful world at the grocery store? Maybe you don't. You can stop reading. Shit, even if you don't buy groceries often cuz you maybe you live somewhere like New York where you eat out often or you're thinking I don't buy that many fruits 'n' veggies, get yourself to a grocery store stat. & start soaking up those rebalancing vital colors of wellness. It's free.

The Pre Grocery Store Hype

The experience starts before you enter the store. You start getting giddy and excited like a a kid. Man, I always get so hyped going to the grocery store because just by standing in the fruit & veggie aisles you are basically taking a rainbow bath. Replenishment at it's finest. Just takes a little shift in awareness & a willingness to receive the color or light energy vibe'ing through the produce aisles. When I was really sick, I kept finding myself wanting to go to Whole Foods not even for buying food. Just to be there. I couldn't put my finger on why. It just felt so good & therapeutic. Now, I realize the vibration of healthy organic fruits and vegetables is so glorious & healing to be around. When I was sick, I even intuitively knew to take a job that put me around a lot of color in the form of fruits and veggies; I worked at Juiceland as a juice/smoothie creator.

Okay, now we're about to go into the grocery store.

Toss that grocery mental checklist out the window. Peace.

Want to be in touch with your body & it's wealth of wisdom? Want to feed your body the food it's actually asking you for? And nourish your mind & spirit while you’re at it? We must shift our awareness from listening to our mind to listening to our body when buying groceries. For fun, we can think of this as intuitive grocery shopping. This almost seems obvious, but the funny thing is few of us actually know how to quickly check-in with our body & see what it needs in one of the most practical ways of buying ourselves food at the grocery store.

In the U.S. we're often swimming and sinking, swimming and sinking, in our minds.

When you buy your body the tangible physical basic form of food, it makes sense to ask the most physical part of your energetic system--the body. Next time, you go grocery shopping, try leaving your mind at home.

How the heck do you do this?! Cool, I got you.

1. Really be Present***, open, joyful & thoughtful in the store.

Get in your buddha body.

This sounds so funny, but you get such an enhanced *elevated* & enjoyable experience. Take a loved one with you & the fun doubles :) Chyaaaaa.

2. Realize the gift**** of having the opportunity to buy yourself produce that farmers, drivers, packagers, grocery staff and whoever else it took to get these treats in front of you for the opportunity to purchase & take home with you.

3. Be excited***What if you could be so excited like when you're looking at puppies and the giddy potential of taking one home. See that in the apple. Ha. Really start picking up each apple, holding it, practicing if it feels good energetically & if it's the one for you.

Grocery Shopping Feeding Spirit

1. Walk in the grocery store with a thankful attitude & energy that really embodies a thanks to being surrounded by so much wealth of color that will make you feel so colorfully rich & nourished on the inside.

2. You are experiencing the blessed root chakra red of food, survival, & physicality as a hueman here on earth.

3.Feeding Your Glow with food can be sacred and beautiful. Because you're really feeding your light body of Divinity & sacred goodness.

The Color Process

Wouldn’t it be cool to stand in front of the produce aisles and know exactly what veggie or fruit you’re body needs or what nutrient it is deficient in for rebalance & vitality? I literally know when my immune system is struggling even before physical symptoms show up because I will crave food high in vitamin C aka grapefruit and broccoli and oranges. Or when I am deficient in magnesium b/c my muscles are sore or im more stressed than normal, I will crave bananas, cashews, and almond butter or when I am deficient in iron and will crave apples, beets, & kale/spinach and immediately get my energy back.

1. Let go of listening to your mind.

2. Tap into that beautiful body wisdom.

3. Ask your body, yo, hey sunshine or hey beauty, what color do you want to eat this week? The secret sauce is that by asking your body what color it wants, you can easily tap into your intuition. The more you start practicing this, you will begin to make connections & notice you crave certain colors or foods when you're deficient in a particular nutrient. You really get tuned into your body, feel super happy & connected and ultimately stay in harmony easier because you've achieved this at the first basic level of body supporting your clarity and peace of mind. And the colors are feeding your spirit as mentioned above.

4. You can also empower & inspire yourself by asking yourself what do you want to eat this food for? I want to eat my colors for vitality & harmony. Maybe, you want to eat your food, feeding your light, for self-love, empowerment, or Peace.

Buying Colors Makes Cooking More Exciting with less overwhelm.

When you buy colorful foods that youre jazzed to eat. It naturally makes you more excited to cook and in general makes cooking look more friendly and not so overwhelming or impossible. The other cool thing is when you have super colorful food all you really need is an epic simple sauce to throw over it. And you’re gourmet status! You spend less money, you're super stoked that you're feeding yourself amazing delicious flavors, & you feel simple with Joy in your heart.

Why you ask yourself what colors you want next time you grocery shop:

1) prevents you from getting sick

2) maintains balance in your inner ecosystem for vitality & vibrance

3) strengthens hearing your intuition

4) brings you in rhythm with your own vibe

5) breaks down cooking into a friendly experience of eating “art” or a colorful simple saucy creation.

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