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The Travel High Back Home

On Freedom~the Travel High~ & Going Back Home to Your Regular Routine.

~The Sacred Regular~

In this moment I am free ~ because I know that I am Love.

I am beyond thankful to have traveled the world by the time I was in college. It was the solo adventures that skyrocketed my education in my early-mid twenties. Allowing me to deepen the feeling of rich inner wealth & freedom--from experiencing immense gratitude for Life itself-- in a Whole Way.

I have been to 6 of the 7 continents multiple times. I have always loved traveling, most for the freedom feeling. In fact, more than happiness, I value inner freedom.

When I feel free, I feel happy. I thrive & get inspired off change. I get high of diversity. I love dynamic anything. And travel is the loaded burrito of all these things open-hearted & free.

Up until my recent adventure to Nicaragua, I told myself there really is no experience of freedom as great as travel. Sure, I definitely thought it was possible to still feel some sort of free feeling in your more regular routine by connecting into some sort of nature or the Arts. And ya, I know you can live a free lifestyle depending on how clean & nourished your inner psyche & landscape is. But still, I thought, the freedom strummed along repetitive routine life could never be as juicy as freedom felt during travel.

I thought consistency could never fully embody that airy light-filled flow you feel while traveling. A tickly sensation in the heart—like butterfly wings flapping, floating, spinning. Soaring Around The wind of change clearing out & making space for fresh new growth. Endless breaths of fresh air reviving your innocence, play, simple Joy, & deeply nourishing your senses. That exhilarating bright light flooding in all the heart’s deepest & darkest caverns.

Aftermath: Your heart is high has a kite running on a bliss current of energy. Okay cool, so we got the travel-freedom poetry feeling vibed out.

I simply thought the way God set the freedom experience up it was simply not created and meant to be felt in the space of regular & normalcy. I was complacent. I had accepted it. I didn’t put too much of a fight up. I thought it made travel all the more special and coveted. Something I didn’t have accessibility to all the time. Perhaps, I put it a bit on a pedestal.

Thank God, i am gratefully & happily wrong.

Cuz of Grace, I got new wisdom & insight into the matter. Now, I really know what’s up.

I am free always because I Now recognize the correlation between freedom with Love. See I knew I was Love before & I knew I was a free being. But the totality of freeness felt contingent upon traveling. Freedom & Love have a major correlation.

I am joyfully surprised. It is absolutely possible to feel as free in your regular hussle planned routine as in travel. And that potentiality in and of itself is liberating. Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. If you don’t feel free back in the grind, you always have an option. You always have the opportunity to change the inside. Work on your inner-garden. Have self-compassion. If you don’t’ feel like your life circumstance lends itself to that natural freeness, then tap into on your own by Loving Yourself more freely. Practice loving yourself freely and unconditionally. Let go of your story to make space for others-to see, hear & receive them with a Love beyond you.

Create Your Freedom

Take responsibility to inspire yourself. To keep yourself Lit. Devote yourself to cleaning up your lens. Your perception of the world. Your perception of yourself. When we make a judgment of someone else or the world at large (they’re the same), we really are pointing our own finger back at our own insecurity we harbor/contain within ourselves. Have integrity and take loving ownership for that.

Look, the Truth is the world is always beautiful. No matter what global crisis or societal induced hysteria is at large, there is always beauty innocently & patiently waiting to be appreciated & rejoiced in. And this, my friend, is why we can always experience freedom in the regular sameness of Life. B/c the secret is its not all sameness. It’s oneness. All the colors, flowers, air, birds chirping, stranger kindness are quick riiiiiich moments of scintillating diverse nourishment.

Beauty & kindness liberate us from the heaviness of it all. There is always beauty & love to be seen. You are always free. We are already free. We just remember. Ya, just like that. We are already Love. And yes, sometimes, it may take something outside of ourselves to remember. Such as travel J Gotta love the playful truth of contradiction. Ying/yang symbol.

So I’m not saying stop traveling. In fact, Adventuring is what keeps us Alive. Always keep exploring. No matter what! The inner adventures are just as rich as the outer adventures. So Nicaragua, looks like I’m taking this adventure back “home” into a sweet melodic devoted part II. A new practice of feeling as free in the regular as I do while traveling. I have a feeling this is where the real sauce Is. I am excited to find out. Cheers.

Love & Light All/Ways,


Color Adventure Pics Below

Location: Nicaragua & Costa Rica

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