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Going Free & Naked

Watering herself w/ Unconditional Love

Remember, your real beauty shines from within regardless of how you physically see yourself. By practicing self-love, your energy will be gorgeous and attractive far beyond what you look like. Remember, we are Spirits housed in a body of Light.

Shedding A Light ON:

1. Non-Toxic Beauty

2. Wearing Make-Up vs. Going Free & Naked

3. Skin Mapping for Staying in Tune with Your Body

Using what’s going on with your skin as a reference point for what is going on with your physical body & emotional body.

First, let me start by saying, I did not begin this "pure vida" life intentionally. Actually, it was out of desperation. What I used to feel was a challenge, I know now is a very special blessing. It wasn’t that I solely had an untreated & undiagnosed black mold infection slowly killing me, I was told by my doctor that I was actually born with a genetic glitch that made me very susceptible to getting the environmental infection. The glitch is in my detoxification menthylation pathways & prevents my body from detoxing on it’s own--from toxins & air pollutants-- like most human bodies automatically do. What this means is that toxins saturate my internal ecosystem much faster & my body can't keep up with filtering them so they back up in my system and I can get sick. I can experience poisonous noxious symptoms pretty quickly from most body care products, car fresheners, candles, new furniture, tampons, paint, & almost all mattresses (which outgas for years). Basically, I have a super awake antenna for toxins or what's false from Nature. My body & intuition will epicly alert me when "bad news bears" is in my vicinity. My heightened awareness and sensitivity to environmental impurities & toxins has paved a beautiful vibrant adventure into living a pure joyful life. I would love to share with you the insight & Light I’ve found along the way in how to replenish our largest organ in our bodies: our blessed skin!

1. Non-Toxic Beauty; Opt in for Truth

Non-toxic beauty is consciously choosing to raise your vibration & absorb Love & positive energy into your skin, which affects your entire physical body, emotions, & overall sense of Joy & wellbeing. What you choose to put on your skin affects your energy and vibration. Body care products with many chemicals damper your glow and lower your overall energetic vibration.

The Heart of the Truth

Most body care products—think shampoo & conditioner, makeup, toothpaste, deodorant, tampons, condoms etc.—are loaded with chemicals that can completely throw off women’s hormones and potentially cause a lack of mental clarity, low-grade anxiety, mood swings to depression. We use these self-care products with the intention of cleaning our bodies and taking “care” of ourselves. The truth is for all women and men, chemical filled products are actually doing the opposite & are unkind to put on our sacred bodies. When we put on a deodorant like Old Spice (which I used to love), we absorb the toxins into our bloodstream and then make our liver (a major detox center of the body) work even harder to filter out the “intruder.” When our liver is backed up and over worked from too many toxins coming in from wack bodycare products or poor air quality or our diet, our skin begins to break out in attempt to remove the heat or inflammation our liver could no longer handle on its own.

The great news is there are now a few cleaner products on the market. I'm gonna be honest though. You gotta really dig and look closely at the "clean" ones. Most “healthy” or “clean” body care products labeled and marketed as organic, vegan, chemical free etc. are actually still not very great. For those interested, at the end of this article, I will include what brands I feel good about.

Your Número Uno Practical Take-Away

The trick is to compare the “clean” looking body care products (makeup included) and choose the product that has the least amount of ingredients and is the healthiest sounding based off the names in the ingredient section. You can even hold the final two choices in your hands (if shopping at the store) and really engage with your intuition. Which one feels better to you? Notice the labeling. Which one gives off a more authentic true vibe? This all could sound funny & well maybe caring too much about what appears as some minor part of life. But if you’re lacking energy, joy, or balance in your life, lightening your toxicity load will definitely be a simple easy switch that can make a huge difference since most people are constantly using body care products.

How to Mentally & Emotionally Shift to Raise Your Glow

Step 1: Having a willingness & openness to live out your truest most vibrant kind self.

Step 2: Choosing to become consciously responsible for what you're feeding your skin with. Basically, you're going to end up stepping more into your Higher power because you're actually giving a shit and taking your self-care to the next level.

Step 3: Letting go. Throwing away the bad stuff.

Step 4: Taking action & switching to cleaner skincare, makeup, & haircare. The cool thing is you're now motivated by your Higher Self initially out of self-love. And because chemicals affect your overall mood & energy, you’re also cleaning up for Mother Nature & others.

I list clean brand ideas at the end, but of course always listen to your inner voice.

2. Letting Go of Make-Up:

It's interesting to think about the language'ing of "make-up" or "making up" the face. I’m not one for extremes. I think balance is usually the way to go. But when it comes to putting toxins into our organs, I think it’s in our best interest to instead choose to work through the actual emotional & physical blocks leading us to covering up our Light. Even most of "clean" makeup --the organic gluten-free,vegan brands-are still loaded with chemicals. Make-up might raise your vibration for a moment because it could boost your self-esteem or emotional wellbeing, but in the long run wearing make-up often can age and dry out the skin must faster than living in your natural skin and can prevent you from learning and practicing unconditional self-love. I know it can be tricky when you have acne or dark circles under your eyes and your physical appearance could make you feel lackluster, not representing your true glowing heartfelt self. But these blemishes or truth tellers are really a helpful supportive physical reminder that something is off balance in your life/self-care/sleep/diet/relationships etc. or there is really a deeper emotional component involved, possibly looking like a lack of self-love & authentic power. It can be easy to see that unconfortamiblity in the mirror and have that ego urge to cover it up immediately rather than sit with your shadow & embrace the Whole you as Light.

A Self-Love Practice

The reason why it is so important to pause/refrain from covering up or altering yourself is because it makes space for you to practice self-love. The pause allows you to let go of self-judgment & give Way to self-acceptance. The pause allows you to practice staying in your spiritual heart & witnessing yourself in all its forms & then bringing yourself right back into self-love & harmony if you fell out there for a bit. No worries. No judgment. You're doing the best you can. We're all on a journey Here. Realizing your beautiful nature is such a beautiful inner spiritual journey that builds your beautiful energetic signature and prepares you for living your Truth out in the world.

Stepping into Unconditional Love

Letting go of covering up allows us to step into unconditional love to appreciate our hearts & Light. This is living your truth. To live your Light in the same way regardlsss of your physical appearance. We are Spirits housed in hueman bodies. Just like yin and yang and the constant change of up and down, we will have all kinds of physical nature. When acne sneaks up or dark circles, use this as an opportunity to practice self-love or as a compassionate marker in how you’re doing in your practice of allowing & loving All expression no matter what.

3. Skin Mapping/Checking-in with Yourself

Lastly, the very cool practical reason we don’t want to cover up acne, uneven skin tone, dryness etc, is because it is our skin speaking to us. Based off where we’re breaking out on our skin, we can tell which of our organs are needing attention and support. Just like in reflexology how all the organs are represented on the bottom of the foot by a reflexology point or in acupuncture how all the organs are represented by a point in the ear, skin mapping works similarly with the face.

How amazing is it that if we pay attention to what our skin is doing we can use this as a practice to stay in tune & harmony with the rest of our body-mind-spirit. If it starts getting very dry, perhaps you are not drinking enough water to match how much salt or sugar you’re consuming or sweating during exercise. Or perhaps you need to eat more hydrating foods like avocado and consume more oil like olive oil or coconut oil (or even rub these on your body as a way for moisture). Dark circles quite simply usually mean you're not resting enough or your kidneys or adrenals need support. If you have acne popping up, check if it is in a particular place and look at the skin mapping diagram below to see which organ is affected and what foods or lifestyle things you can do to support that organ. If the acne seems random or has no rhyme or reason, then you’re liver could be overworked or your gut inflamed. Give cleaning up your diet a go for a week (or forever :) to see if your skin clears up.

A recovery skin diet looks like heavy vegetables, alkaline foods (to dissipate an acidic internal environment where acne lives), low sugar, less caffeine, pause on the alcohol/heavy carbs/processed foods, & do most definitely eat whole fruits (with fiber). It could be a good idea to go vegan for a week and vegetarian for three weeks after. And then see how your body feels and your skin looks. This pura vida cleanse will help lighten the load on whichever organ is struggling too.

Cheers Yo.

Article on Skin Mapping


Brands I Like.

Soap- EOS

Laundry Detergent- Seventh Generation for Sensitive Skin

Deodorant- I love Schmidt's Lavender & Sage.

Bodywash- Everyone Soap 3 in 1. I use this as shampoo too.

Shampoo/Conditioner- Another option is Seaweed Bath Co.

Toothpaste- TOMS

Perfume-essential oils! Neroli is magical.

Makeup- The only thing I wear now is Burt's Bee's tinted lip gloss. I grooved on the brand "100 Percent Pure" in the summer for their luminizer that gives you a nice natural glow and didn't make me feel sick. It's all about the DIY Face Masks.

*****Rather than using make-up, you can make homemade DIY cheap mask from avocado, lemon, cucumber, honey etc to keep your skin fresh and glowing so you don't feel the need to wear makeup.

Lotion-unrefined coconut oil (not the one that is already a liquid).

Tampons- Azalea

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