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On Inhaling: The Importance of Receiving/Yin/Divine Feminine/Inner-Child

These days our social media culture in the wellness arena really focuses on the importance of exhaling/letting it all out/letting go/letting flow. In traditional Chinese medicine, exhaling is considered a yang or masculine activity while inhaling or receiving oxygen is considered feminine or having yin-like nature.

In the States, we live in a predominantly yang or masculine oriented world, although it’s shifting, where we are constantly “doing” things, running around, working, lots of go, go, going. Are you noticing the ing’s? That is masculine. Yang is contraction, gathering, fusion, active, faster, longer wavelength, lower frequency, day, more physical, summer, animal, harder, heavier, dryer, yellow, orange, red, sun, and time.

Yin activities do not have a lot of action and are things you do when you’re more still like meditating, being still in nature, journaling, being creative. Yin is expansive, slower, higher frequency, shorter wavelength, feminine, plant, winter, space, colder, softer, lighter, night, darker, moon, violet, blue, green.

Look at you’re life right now. Are you more yin or more yang? The idea is to practice equilibrium or balancing your inhales with your exhales and your receiving with your giving. Your yin with your yang. Bringing ourselves back to center and balance allows us to be grounded and energized in our creative power—in harmony with ourselves and the force of nature around us. We are human and the process of rebalancing is a continuous beauty we get to play with. Having the self-awareness and perhaps the healthy detachment from over identifying with our emotions or ego allows us to recognize if we need to “be and breathe” or “do and go” more.

Since most of us these days have trouble slowing down, I want to shine a light on the gifts yin nature can bring us to motivate you to really be disciplined to slow down. Being in yin mode, we are open to receiving inspiration, connecting with our intuition, making wonderful realizations, being more kind, more space for connecting, practicing compassion, more present to Joy. Bottom line, being in yin mode is allows you to be open to receiving all the beautiful splendor, joy, magic this world has to offer you. Being yin is being present and fully engaged with all of your senses like when you were a child. Rediscovering you’re yin nature reconnects you to your inner-child and the beautiful hope of trusting the world and letting it rush back in you with love and light.

So every time you practice or notice a beautiful inhale, know that you're being amazing to your body-mind-spirit and practicing trust and safety with the Universe around you and letting in all the magic and sweetness around you. Shift your focus to choose what positive things you would like to inhale and only let those in!

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