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Healing & Growing Through the Light


I am Now ready to grow and heal through the Light. Thank you darkness for all your wisdom, depth, and goodies.

Part I: Art/Soul

There is a time and place for everything—the dark and the light. In certain periods or chapters of life, we must honor our darkness as our wisest teacher. We can practice patience, build faith, and experience self-compassion as we de-thorn our body, mind, and spirit from trauma and release unhealthy patterns.

Our darkest moments can provide the juiciest and most valuable lessons. It’s a time where we get butt naked, vulnerable, brave, honest and learn to fall back in love with the amazing being we actually are. If you have ever experienced the depth of multiple years of darkness --you’ve gathered lessons, you’ve woken up to your inner well of wisdom, and you’ve experienced some major rebirthing “new life” transformation--- it could be time to change up your growth style and begin healing through the light.

I lived in four years of heavy-duty blind darkness--extremely ill and undiagnosed after seeing countless Western and Eastern specialists/healers. After finally being diagnosed and beginning year long treatment for black mold poisoning in my gut, sinuses, and brain (talk about dark!) coupled with arsenic poisoning, I came to a point when I realized personal transformation no longer required such a heavy, wild, intense, deep-wooded time. The purpose was served. The lessons were learned. It was time to move on.

I am so humbled and forever grateful for this out of the world fruitful learning experience that appeared in the form of a physical illness. I grew from the mud and committed to befriending my darkness and eventually alchemizing my dark into light—like the lotus blossom that grows from the depths of thick mud to the top of water basking in sun. In physics, every action has an opposite and equal reaction, which makes me think of yin to the yang and darkness to the light. Equilibrium is nature in harmony. I knew one day the amount of darkness I experienced and opened up to would eventually yield me an equal amount of light. I knew this deep down in my heart. This trust and deep-rooted faith fueled my own internal source of sunshine to keep the dark exploration of truth and reason afloat. Moving on, though, was a bit challenging.

Surprisingly enough, I had a hard time releasing the pattern of personal growth being intense and dark. For the first time in five years, I could choose to evolve my being with Light (actually my being was now asking me too). It was up to me If I would listen and switch things up. If I decided to keep transforming through my dear friend the darkness, it would be my choice to make things harder and heavier than they had to be. Being an artist, sometimes darkness and challenge can be more interesting, exciting, and rewarding. The darkness can reintroduce you to your true self again, detox you from unhealthy patterns or societal b.s. you may have picked up along your way and guide you back to your star center. Although, I trusted in my heart that the Light had so many juicy adventures and lessons just waiting for me to explore. So I was guided into brilliant Light. Letting go of things "being hard" was one of the most powerful and soon to be nourishing parts of my healing becoming Whole. The Light replenishes you--feeds your body, mind, heart, and spirit. The light teaches you the journey of eager full-force love and opens you to a deep ocean of compassion, kindness, thankfulness for self, others, animals, nature, and the One world current. The journey of Light sparks vitality, zest, fresh eyes, eagerness, butterflies, and leaps and leaps of trusting faith. It's almost like you're an innocent kid again. But now you have the wisdom and depth mixed in with the childlike sense of wonder and optimistic perception of life.

Transformation through the Light is very different than gaining wisdom and self-knowledge through the darkness. The darkness is gritty, scrappy, deeply rewarding, emotional, raw, honest, crude, messy, chaotic, and beautiful exposure of your greatest fears and vulnerabilities bearing insane amounts of velvet personal goodness. Then comes a time when you will trust and fall in love with the beautiful chaos and lessons you’ve trudged through, embraced. And then you will almost get used to it. This is another fork on in the road. An organic moment will arrive in your psyche when you realize you are no longer required to excavate your darkest inner caverns to continue evolving. You’re being asked to enter a new means of personal discovery and growth. Now, you have the blessed opportunity to practice growing in the light. From an artist’s perspective, this can sound a bit boring and not as satisfying because it may appear as less power and heart of experience in the Light. Really though, the light is so bright and feels so amazing that you realize you deserve to grow in your brilliance too. As you practice this new way, you begin learning some of the most powerful potent transformation can take place through the light. Growing through both light and darkness is equally as important. Often times, though, I’ve noticed that people who have been through personal traumatic experiences get used to things being "hard" and this becomes normal. So it is easy to cling to things being hard, intense, deep, solitary, quiet, and it becomes comforting embracing the raw beauty in breakthroughs.

I believe you are not meant to stay in this learning cycle all your life, especially when you have a gist of what you’re here on this planet to give. You have the choice of perception and are given the self-discovery of discernment to know when you must embrace and enter the darkness and when it is time to grow and heal in the light. It is all balance. In aura-soma, a color (light) therapy for transformation, the outward journey is the part of life where you’re out on your quest collecting your tools, figuring out your sense of true self, and discovering what is your meant to do here in our world. Once you discover your jewels, learn your tools and begin implementing what you’ve learned along the Way, you are now on your outward journey: a glorious illuminating time to practice stepping to your full light body.

Part II: Science/Practicality

Everyday A.M. Lighting Up Practices

1. “Light & Love in Bed” Prayer

As soon as my eyes open, I say my Love & Light prayer. I send love and light to myself, to my little pup Chloe or whoever I'm sleeping under the same roof with, and I give out love and light to the world.

2. Ayurvedic Morning Rituals: Dry-brushing/Coconut Oil Pulling/Tongue Scraping/Aromatherapy

Ayurveda is a lifestyle holistic mind-body wellness practice from India that has been practiced for thousands of years.

First thing I do when I pop out of bed is swish 1 tbs. of coconut oil with a teaspoon of peppermint essential oil for 20 min to pull out toxins/dissolve bacteria. While I’m doing this, I dry-brush to lighten my body’s physical and energetic load. For dry brushing, you use a bristle brush to quite literally brush away dead skin cells and I like to think any low vibe energy. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, flushing out toxins, and immediately energizes you like you just took a sip of coffee. I wake up each part of my body with kindness to lighten the toxic load on my liver and kidneys. Finally, I use a copper tongue scrapper to rid my tongue from toxins (which represents every organ on the body similar to different points on your feet repping different organs in reflexology). Then, I sniff peppermint oil or a sinus blend (eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass) to wake up and invigorate my nose and brain. Remember, our nose is our strongest sense.

3. Lemon Water

I can’t think of a better way to brighten up the day than drinking your first glass of water with half a lemon. Lemons are loaded with Vitamina C. During sleep, our bodies are in full detox mode leaving us to wake up to an acidic body. Although lemons are thought to be acidic, they are one of the most alkalizing pH balancing foods once they are consumed IN the body. One health routine I’ve found in multiple places in the world that people swear by is drinking lemon water in the morning. Ideally wise elders suggest hot to warm water to heat up the stomach for breakfast. But in the summer, my body tells me lukewarm is aaaaallllll good mon.

4. Rebalancing Supplements

I take my supplements. Get to know your body and what your strong points are and what your low points are. Usually the body needs magnesium, quality probiotics, and omega 3 fish oil. We are often stressed or overworked depleting our magnesium levels. Probiotics strengthen our gut (where 80% of our entire immune system is), and omega 3 fish oil alleviates inflammation in the body from constant toxin exposure. “Pure Encapsulations” is a trusty dusty supplement brand.

5. Color Shower

Every morning I choose 2 little colored liquid bottles made from plants and flowers and put a couple drops on my hands and then waft this spiritual botanical gift around my body—clearing out any negative energy and calling in my inner quality I need most at that time. This is an energetic aura cleansing and highest self-evoking practice from Aura-Soma. I am an aura-soma practitioner or what may be easier to think of as a “color therapist”/healer. “Aura” means light and “soma” means body.

6. Morning Exercise

Light is stimulation. What stimulates the body and wakes it up? What sends light to all the little cells? Exercise. Ideally, I try to move in the morning because I feel so much more clear, happy, kind and creative the rest of the day. Sometimes I wake up though and I’m feeling more of a slower melodic morning. I honor that and exercise later that day.

7. Colorful Food

Food is such a fun creative way to throw on colorful fruit or veggies--to add some funk/jazz to your life. I swear you’ll be happier after you eat your colors. Actually, bright colorful food has very high antioxidant levels protecting you from free radicals caused, again, from toxin exposure.

I’m sensing a pattern here. Seems like Light or color, which is really different wavelengths of light, protects and filtrates out toxins from the body. And for some good balancing science, our body consists of vibrating light particles.These everyday practices can help you return to your light-filled essence. Cheers!

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